What are your Air Conditioning Options in Melbourne?

If you live in Melbourne, or Australia in general, you’ll no doubt be aware of just how harsh an Aussie summer can be. Or even a day in mid-Winter if there’s a weird thing happening with the weather.

So, if you know this, you will probably be aware that if there’s anything that is going to be your friend during these soaring temperatures, then that friend is going to be your air conditioning unit. You might have tried the other options, like a desk fan, but you’ve reached boiling point — literally — and it’s time to take the next step.

So, what are your air conditioning options if you live in Melbourne? Basically, you have two main alternatives to choose from: ducted air conditioning and split system air conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning is like its name sounds. Basically, you have a central fan located somewhere in the ceiling cavity of your house, and the air created by this fan is passed through to all the different rooms via ducts. Each room can be separately ‘zoned’ by opening or closing the vents. This will allow the ducted air to either be received or blocked. The overall temperature of the house can also be controlled by a centrally located control unit. Ducted air conditioning is quite expensive to install, especially if it is after a house has been constructed, but it is very flexible. It allows you to control the feel of the whole house, it is incredibly quiet when it is running, and permits the control of air in different rooms.

The other main option for modern air conditioning in Melbourne  is what is known as split system. Much like ducted air conditioning, the name serves as the perfect description for the way the technology functions. The unit is ‘split’ between two components, one half on the inside of the house that expels the air, and another half on the outside of the house.

Split system is usually only useful in the room it is located, but, like ducted, allows both heating and cooling. It is usually activated and adjusted via a remote control that allows the temperature to be set, and options like if the fan will swing and timer operations. Split system is not as expensive as ducted air conditioning, but it is much louder than its counterpart. It is the more common alternative for air conditioning in Melbourne.