What I Learned from NZ Outdoor Advertising

I have only spent the grand total of one week in New Zealand, but in that time I was able to learn a number of things, all of which I will get to, but the main thing I learnt came not so much from NZ Outdoor Advertising, but more so via it.

So, in no particular order, here are a few of the things I learnt after a week in the North Island of New Zealand…

New Zealand felt very much like the even more laid back version of Australia. And that’s not to say one is better than the other—I imagine some New Zealanders consider Australia to be the more stressful version of New Zealand. But the entire time I was there I felt like I could have been in Australia. New Zealand had a very similar ‘feel’ to it. Much of the scenery was the same, the beaches, for example, were just as beautiful. Driving along the coast I could have been driving anywhere on Australia’s coast.

New Zealanders have a great sense of humour. I got this during the whole week, but it was epitomised on a boat cruise when a very witty man was going through the safety message. If someone were to fall overboard we would alert him immediately and we would rescue the person. If, however, someone was to lose a hat overboard we would all put up our hands to alert him. Then he would lead us in a collective wave goodbye to the hat.

Now, the advertising part. I went through a lot of places that were spelt with ‘Wh.’ We kept going past signs and advertising naming the place we were visiting, and after the first few mispronunciations, my travelling companion that these were actually pronounced with an ‘F’ sound. I now “Whelt” like a true New Zealand local!